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Securing the best candidates has become fiercely competitive for all employers. To help you achieve this we have utilised our experience to provide an executive search service on a contingency basis in order to attract both the active and passive candidate sectors.

Aiming to identify the best possible shortlist of candidates we combine a number of services including:

Executive search: Although rigorous, we see this as a vital component when dealing with a vacancy that is likely to be hard to fill, or is of such importance that only the very highest calibre of candidates can be entertained.

Networking: Our established networks are important and consistently act as a source of referral and reference.

Database Search and Advertising: We have access to a variety of databases and advertising media.

We pride ourselves on our high quality recruitment process which ensures that we provide the best candidates for every client's specific requirements. It is our role to pre-screen and pre-select candidates before introducing them to a client to ensure accurate matching from both a client and candidate perspective.

Once identified, every candidate is pre-screened by using the following process:

  • A structured interview to assess the overall quality of the candidate, probe and question in detail on their employment history and accurately determine the personal and career motivations of the candidate.
  • Every candidate is fully briefed on the individual opportunity to ensure that there is a detailed understanding by the candidate of the role, the company, the career progression, support for professional development and all other areas which will ensure a match.

Adding our skills to your strategy

Our Services

Additionally we offer the following services:

  • Managed Advertising
  • Psychometric testing
  • Referencing Checking
  • Outsourced HR services


Candidate Testimonials

"Marc is one of the few sound, straight to the point recruitment professionals I have come across. I would certainly recommend him to both clients and candidates."

"Marc was very thorough in his approach and delivery and made certain that all parties had full details of the proposition; everyone was fully prepared, researched and organised."

"Marc is highly skilled professional, with an awareness and experience of the recruitment industry that I have not encountered in any dealings with any other recruitment consultant."

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Client Testimonials

"I would highly recommend Marc to any potential client, and wish him every success in the future."

Board Director - Logistics Company

"Marc played a significant part in meeting the demands in the evolution of the HDNL salesforce."

Home Delivery Network

"Marc understands our business, is well organised and very efficient."


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The Board

The Board

Experience, Credibility, Integrity and Trust are amongst the key factors in choosing your recruitment partner or when working towards your next career move.

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